Automate your first line support

Hire Ebba as your 24/7 customer support intern.

Hi there! When do I get the shirt if I order it now?

Hi Carl! If you order before lunch, you usually have the package in your hand the next day

Nice! Thanks

No worries!


Ebba enables an around the clock support for your customers, with instant replies, in a communication channel of their chosing. Seamlessly bridging self service with customer support.

Faster customer support

Get instant customer service with Ebba, any time of the day.

Service every day of the year, 24/7.

Get quick answers to all of the easiest questions that you don't want to spend time on finding.

Seamless handover to human if needed, in the same chat window.

Ask to be called by a human customer service.

Multichannel support

Find Ebba in multiple communication channels, for your convenience.

Facebook Messenger

Website chat widget



Search and discover new products

Ebba can be fed product data to bring the whole shop right to your chat window.

Free text search.

Filter on category, color, dimensions, etc.

Get suggestion of the most popular products.

Find products within a price range.

Receive a personal experience

Communicate with your personal store clerk.

Ebba remembers your full chat history.

Get personal promotions.

Get personal recommendations.

Get help in your preferred language.

Marville's customers are always on the go and favour a personal touch when shopping. Ebba allows us to a have a constant presence, guide and inspire our customers while they browse our shop. An indispensable hand when you have a global retail business online.

- Jenny Holmén, CEO Marville Road

Why Ebba?

Reach your consumers where it is most convenient for them

Keep in touch with your consumers where they already spend most of their time online. No need for your customer to install an additional app or enter their contact information. Just ask them to add your store as a friend on Messenger. Or just put Ebba as a chat widget on your website.

Ebba is NOT another customer support help tool

No need to educate your customer support team in yet another help tool. Ebba will work as an invisible helping hand, helping out without interupting anyone if she doesn't have to. In fact, the only way you will notice that Ebba is there is the decrease in reoccurring questions.

Get an insight of hot topics in real time

Get a summary of what issues your customers have, how the trend looks like for a certain issue and be proactive! Seeing the big picture can alert if something is not working properly, help allocating resources and indicate areas where you can be more proactive.

No coding required

No need to allocate valuable development resources to get started with your chatbot. Ebba works seamlessly with your existing customer support system. We automatically grab your existing FAQ to bootstrap Ebba, and she will continuously learn more frequently asked questions by listening in to new tickets.